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Secure Send Email

Our secure file and email sending feature is easy and in compliance with US Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS (140-2). Our goal is simple; to provide a much simpler and easier-to-use secure file and email service that offers the peace of mind required in today's security conscious world.

Secure Document Request

Your recipient receives the email, clicks a button, types their password via a password hint and then uploads the files you have requested in the email notes...it's that easy!

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Outlook Add-In

Using Outlook Desktop, you can add our Secure Cloud Send add-in that allows you to encrypt email, files and the option to add your Secure File Upload link to your email signature.

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Secure File Upload Link (Email Signature)

Each user has an unique secure file upload link that can be added to email signature where recipient can click on image and upload the required files to you securely. It's easy, quick, convenient and secure!

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My Vault

With the Secure Cloud Send, you can backup and store all of your own important files into your 'My Vault'. All uploaded files are securely encrypted with banking level encryption so the only person who can open and view your files is you by logging into your own account.

Shared File Cabinet

Secure Cloud Send automatically creates a Shared Filing Cabinet for each of your clients where both you and the respective client can upload and share files in a shared Shared Filing Cabinet. The client can log in and get access to all of the historical finished accounting work you have ever done for them as well as upload all the new files you need to to do their regular accounting and bookkeeping.

Portal Access

With our Client Access, you have the ability to give specific clients access to the Secure Cloud Send - to log in from any browser or smartphone to view their own tasks, upload and share files with each other.

Import Your Contacts

With Secure Cloud Send, you can import your contacts directly from Google contacts or Outlook Online.

List Of All Features:

  • •  Compliant with US Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS (140-2) certified openSSL cryptography library
  • •  You can choose whether to host your data entirely in the USA or on Canadian servers
  • •  Send & Receive Secure Email with file attachments up to 2 GB
  • •  Full cloud-based storage for all sent and received files
  • •  Online dashboard that provides full status info to see proof of delivery and recipient file download status
  • •  Easy drag and drop interface allows you to send & receive many files at once
  • •  Revoke secure files and emails sent in error
  • •  Can set limits for recipients for how long a secure file is available for download
  • •  View information for every e-mail sent or received
  • •  Smart phone and tablet compatible
  • •  All of your uploaded files are completely encrypted so the ONLY person who can gain access is you through your valid account login
  • •  Encryption for all the files and emails
  • •  There is absolutely no 'backdoor' access to your information so no one can open and read your files without your valid account login
  • •  Import all of your contacts
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