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Secure File Upload

Secure File Upload allows you send a secure email with attached files to clients without logging into Secure Cloud Send. Read below on how it works and how to add this link to your email signature.

It's easy, quick, convenient and SECURE!

How Secure File Upload Works

STEP 1 Signature Link
Click secure file upload link via email signature

As a Secure Cloud Send user, you have your own unique Secure File Upload link. Copy your link and add it to your email signature and send to recipient to upload files to you.

STEP 2 Upload Secure Files
Client enters in information and upload the files you need

Upon clicking the secure file upload link, the client drags 'n drop the required files you need, enter in email, subject name and submit. That's it! All files will be encrypted.

STEP 3 Email Notification
Secure Cloud Send user receives an email notification of the uploaded files

Secure Cloud Send user receives an email notification that the client has uploaded files to you - files automatically appear in your Signature Uploads folder (see above).

Secure File Upload Setup

To get started on how to add Secure File Upload link to your email signature, click below.

Setup - Email Signature Link
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