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Outlook Add-In Tutorial

Ability to encrypt your email, upload files securely, create password hint and add your own secure file upload signature in Outlook. Follow the instructions below on how to install add-on.

How to Install Add-In

(Compatible with MS Outlook Desktop 2010 - 2020)

Step 1  -  Outlook Add-In Installer

To use our Secure Cloud Send add-in for Outlook on your desktop, you'll need to download and install the setup file by clicking the button below.

Download Outlook Add-In Installer

Click 'Save File' to being the installation setup.

Outlook Installer

Step 2  -  Add-In Setup Wizard

In the setup wizard, click Install (1) and then click Finish (2) to complete installation.

Setup Wizard

Step 3  -  Install Add-In Customization

In the add-in customization popup, click Install. After the customization has been successfully installed, click 'Close'.

Add-In Install

How to Use Secure Cloud Send Add-In

Step 1  -  Open Outlook

Open up a New Outlook Compose email window as you normally do and enter in all To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and email body as you normally would, then click the Secure Cloud Send tab (2) on the top ribbon bar and then click Encrypt Email (3).


Step 2  -  Secure Cloud Send Login

In the popup window, insert your login credentials, check off Stayed Logged In and select 'Forever' and then click Login.

*Note -  The login popup will only appear if you do not check off 'Stay Logged In'.

Portal Login

Step 3  -  Encrypt Email & Files

Check off 'Encrypt Email Body' & 'Show File Names' (both optional), enter in password and password hint. To attach file(s) to email, click Add Files (2) and then click Encrypt (3) to complete email.

*Note -  If you do not check off 'Show File Names' (1), the file name(s) will be displayed as 'Hidden, Click link to view' only in the sent email. If you check off 'Encrypt Email Body', your email message in Step 4 will be hidden but visible after recipient unlocks email (Step 8).

Encrypt Email

After email has been successfully encrypted, click 'Ok'. Click Send to send secure email to recipient.

Send Email

Step 4  -  Settings (Optional)

If you wish to customize the settings of the encrypt email body, go to File > Settings.

Encrypt Email - Settings

In 'Settings' window, select options that you want to include and customize and click Save.

Send Email

How Your Recipient Opens Their Encrypted Email

Step 1  -  Email Notification

After email has been sent, the recipient will receive an email notification including a preview list of all of the uploaded files. To view the encrypted email content and files, click View/Download Encrypted Email (see below).

* No Portal account required to view encrypted email *

Email Notification

Step 2  -  View Encrypted Email

Enter in the password based on password hint and click 'Unlock' to view encrypted email.

Step 3  -  Download Attached Files

In the encrypted email, you will see an email message from sender and attached files ready for download. Keep in mind, the links to the files will expire based on deadline date as indicated in the email notification (Step 5 screenshot).

Download Attached Files
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