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Send Emails & Files To Clients
the Fast and Secure Way!



1) Log into Secure Cloud Send

Account Login

From the sidebar menu, go to 'Home' and click 'Compose Email' button on top to begin sending a secure email.

In the email form, this is where you add the recipient's email, subject title of email, select email type - Secure Send or Document Request, password, password hint, expiry date, email message and attached files to view and download.

* All body and attached files in secure email are encrypted *

Send Secure Email

2) Secure Email Notification

Second step is to open your email inbox to find that someone has sent you an secure email from Secure Cloud Send. The secure email lists who sent you the email, subject of email, the view email link and a deadline to open up email.

Click the 'View your email' button

Secure Email - Notification

3) Unlock Secure Email

Third step is for recipient to enter in password to unlock the secure email. You can use the password hint to indicate a password by setting the password hint and password to something only you and the recipient would know. This prevents you from having to insecurely send the password directly to your recipients separately prior to them opening the secure email

Enter in password hint and click 'Unlock'

Secure Email - Password

4) View Email Content

After unlocking secure email, you will see an email message from sender and attached files ready for download. Keep in mind, the links to the files will expire based on deadline date as indicated in notification email (Step 2 screenshot).

Fast, convenient and SECURE!

Secure Email - Download Files

5) Secure Email Dashboard

Online dashboard provides a full status of sent secure emails including proof of delivery and recipient file download status.

Secure Email - Dashboard

Secure File and Email Sending Features:

  • •  Send Secure Email
  • •  Send Secure Document Request (by email)
  • •  Send large files, up to 2 GB
  • •  Easily and securely send email with sensitive text (with, or without files attached)
  • •  Encryption for the files and emails
  • •  Full cloud based storage for all sent and received files
  • •  Revoke secure files and emails sent in error
  • •  Easily drag and drop multiple files to quickly send files securely
  • •  Your Vault - Cloud-based encrypted file storage for ALL your files for back up and storage
  • •  Shared File Cabinet - Cloud-based encrypted file storage for ALL of your clients' files
  • •  You can set limits for recipients for how long a secure file is available for download
  • •  Online dashboard that provides full status info to see proof of delivery and recipient file download status
  • •  View email content for all emails sent or received
  • •  Smart phone and tablet compatible
  • •  Import all of your contacts
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